Southridge Men's League

 This Week's Tee Times

Tee Times for 06/03/2020

02:50 PM - Front   Fat, Dumb and Happy!   Solid, Not Solid
02:50 PM - Back   Par then Bar # 34   Team 19
03:00 PM - Front   Wilmot Provisio   Weapons of Grass Destruction
03:00 PM - Back   Team ??   Shanks For The Memories
03:10 PM - Front   Small and Husky   No Laying Up
03:10 PM - Back   District Duo   Wannabes
03:20 PM - Front   Morgan County Bad Boys   Par Busters
03:20 PM - Back   Team 12   Snappy & Crappy
03:30 PM - Front   Hole-y-Strokes!!   Duffers
03:30 PM - Back   Scotch & Stout   Smooth & Shi__y
03:40 PM - Front   Cordova/Miles   Blood, Sweat and Beers
03:40 PM - Back   Buffalo Wild sWings   Senior shafts
03:50 PM - Front   New Guys   Win Small Loose Big
03:50 PM - Back   Chip and a Putt   Twins
04:00 PM - Front   The Swinging Richards   Sticks & Whiskey
04:00 PM - Back   Team Birdshot   Chili Dippers
04:10 PM - Front   Big Head & The Nose   Fire in the hole 🔥🥃
04:10 PM - Back   Crash Course   Rum Runners II
04:20 PM - Front   Two Rams and a Cowboy   Go Pack GO
04:20 PM - Back   Team 23   The Hardy Boyz
04:30 PM - Front   Helluva Team   Have Mercy
04:30 PM - Back   Scneeberger/Saffel   The Dark Water Boys
04:40 PM - Front   Bobbing Driver and the 4 of Diamonds   Bets & Bonds
04:40 PM - Back   Angry Birdies   Dakota Duffers
04:50 PM - Front   Putting 4 Skins 🍆   Dirty Balls
04:50 PM - Back   Hawkeyes   Oscar Bravo
05:00 PM - Front   Mamas Boys   Pars & PBRs
05:00 PM - Back   team 52   Smith/Carpine

Hello Everyone,

First, thank you all for getting back to us with your commitment to come back to the SRML next season. The officers have met a few different times and we have decided that it is time to mix things up as we have gotten a lot of feedback on how you all would like to see the league change. With that said, times are changing in 2020 🙂

I have outlined some of the details of how things will change and these are being made in an effort to make things more fun so that people want to play on Wednesday nights. In 2019 we had way too many teams playing early, on other days or simply not playing at all and that is what we want to stop. The league is meant to be played on Wednesday’s, if you don’t want to play on Wednesday nights please find another league. There are clearly times when matches can’t be played, but with the changes we hope that more people will play even if your match cannot be played.

As part of these changes we now need to understand how the tee time changes will affect some of you in the middle and late leagues. As with the RSVP, please login into the website and respond to the questions about the updated time slots as we understand this may cause some challenges for those that were in the middle league. This RSVP will be for your team so please consult your partner before responding.

  1. Format Change
    • Move to 4 divisions of 14 teams (4 fewer teams)
    • Early League – 3:10-3:58
    • Late League – 4:06-4:54
    • Shorten the season by two weeks – May 6th- Sept 2nd
  2. Length of season – 18 weeks
    • 13 Regular League Matches – Play each team once
    • Championship Night
    • Finale Night
    • 3 Fun Nights – These are TBD but we want to break up the season with fun events for everyone to participate in.
  3. Other Changes
    • Skins
      • We will be changing the format of skins so that you can pay for the whole season and if you have credits you will be entered, if you don’t play you are credited the $5.
      • Option to play – this year if you are not playing a match you will have the option to come play so you can compete for skins. These scores won’t count for your handicap.
    • Platinum Games
      • We will be adding additional games, both team and individual that you will be able to opt in for the season. These may include weekly prizes for low net/gross, additional skins and a deuce pot. These games will be split front and back and will be a separate pot than the regular $5 Skins Game.

Thank you everyone, if you have any questions please let us know.

League Officers